CSI is a quick, easy, reliable online-based process

After schools approach CSI team for engagement in the research, there are four steps to complete the process:

Step 1 – Ethics forms

Signed permission is granted to conduct the Index by school principals and by students over 16/parents or caregivers for students under 16.

Step 2 – Survey administration

The Qualtrix online survey consisting of 64 questions is administered. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes for students to complete.

Step 3 – Data clean up and report generation

The data is immediately uploaded into the University of Auckland database. Data is cleaned by the University of Auckland.

Each school is presented with a tailored report based on its own survey data. The report provides easily accessible interpretations of the data, for instance, infographics and graphical representations.

Step 4 – School and CAST shared analysis

If desired the University of Auckland can negotiate a time to work through the results of the survey with schools.

Due to high demand, it currently takes around 6-8 weeks to complete the four steps of the process. Completing the actions you are in charge of in a timely manner will have a significant impact on how fast we can move through the process. We appreciate your patience in working with us on this – ensuring we get you your data accurately, and as quickly as possible.