CSI is a quick, easy, reliable online-based process

  • Research assistants approach schools for engagement in the research.
  • Permission is granted to conduct the Index by school Principals and signed consent by students over 16 and by parents or caregivers for students under 16.
  • The online survey consisting of 64 questions is administered either by Research Assistants in schools with devices or on line. The survey is powered by Qualtrix.
  • Data is returned to the University of Auckland where it is cleaned.
  • Each school is presented with a tailored report based on its own survey data. The report provides easily accessible interpretations of the data from the school (for instance infographics and graphical representations).
  • The questionnaire takes approximately 15 -20 minutes for students to complete.
  • The data is immediately uploaded into the University of Auckland data base.
  • The report to schools are usually returned within 24 hours of the survey been undertaken.