CSI Report

CSI reports provide an opportunity for you to consider how creative your school is, from your student’s perspective. You might use some of the following questions to guide your analysis of the data.

  • What does the overall median index tell me about my school in comparison to the national average? Is this what I expected?
  • Why might there be a difference?
  • What might I now do because of this difference?
Sample report

The sample report outlines the results of the student survey conducted at a school. This survey was part of the larger Creative School Index research project that aims to measure primary and secondary students’ perceptions of creativity in their class and school environments in 25 New Zealand and 25 Australian schools.

We have used two survey questionnaires for this purpose, aimed at the primary and secondary levels respectively.

This document offers some insights into the creative environs, levels of participation and levels of school satisfaction as experienced by years 5, 6, 7 and 8 (New Zealand) or years 5, 7 and 9 (Australia) students at this school.

Your Report

If your school has conducted the Index, please enter in the unique identifier provided by CSI to access the report.